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If you didn’t know. Sorry to tell you. Monday is here again.

One good thing about Mondays are Bellco Rentals is here for you to
rent all your equipment rentals for the lowest prices in Central Tx.

Pick your head up and come get the equipment needed to begin or complete your projects.

All you need is a drivers license, and rental fee and you will be on
your way with the equipment.

Visit to view excellent prices and a vast amout of equipment.

We also carry PARTY RENTALS.
Tables, Chairs, Bounce Houses and so much more.


Save money. Now that’s an idea.


Bellco Rentals has a great idea. Come rent our equipment and save some money compared to the prices of other rental yards.

No matter if its a small tool used only for a day or two or for a large week on end project. We carry just about everythin you need to complete your project.

Air tools, compressors, cutters, excavating, floor care, plumbing, concrete breaking, skid steers, trailers, generators, welders and so much more.

Save yourself more money when you rent on Saturdays and get a full free day on Sunday.

Visit our official website at .
Give us a call at 254.501.9000 .
We take Reservations


Need Good Quality Running Equipment?

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EQUIPMENT RENTALS and party rentals at Bellco Rentals
at the lowest prices in Central Texas.

Some of our rentals include:
Bobcats, Excavators, Skid Steers, Walk Behind Trenchers,
Air Tools, Concrete busting tools, Compressors, Floor Care,
Plumbing, Trailers, Lawn and Garden, Generators,
Easy Augers, and so much more…

Take a look at our Website WWW.BELLCORENTALS.COM for full details of our equipment and excellent prices.

All you need is the rental fee and a valid license and you can be out the door in minutes without any hassle.

To get more information, feel free to call us at 254.501.9000.

Call us to make RESERVATIONS or use our website.

We carry alot more than heavy equipment. Pretty much anything that is needed to complete a large or small project can be rented at Bellco Rentals.

Open 8am – 5pm Mon – Fri
8am – 1pm Saturday

If you rent on Saturday you get a full free day to have the equipment on Sunday.
This can save you hundreds of dollars if you are renting heavy equipment.

We look forward to doing business with you for years to come.

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Come Rent Your Equipment Today!

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In need of tools / equipment? Don’t want to spend high dollar on new equipment? Need it fast with no hastle at all? Well you have found the right place. Bellco Rentals starts off  the new years better than ever, with a huge selection of equipment rentals to choose from at the best prices in central Texas.

All you need to rent our equipment is the rental money and a valid drivers license. It can’t be any easier than that. You are in and out in a matter of minutes.

So come on down to 111 N Gray, Killeen Texas 76541 and get what you need to complete your projects today.

We take reservations just call 254.501.9000 from 8am – 5pm

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Happy New Years From Bellco Rentals

New years BR

2015 was a great year for Bellco Rentals. We want to thank everyone for their business and nice reviews. We are continuously listening to feedback from our customers to help better ourselves and to help our customers. We want to wish everybody a Happy 2016 New Years.

Remember to come by and choose from a large assortment of equipment and party supplies.

Give us a call at 254.501.9000
or just drop on by 111 N Gray in Killeen Texas 76541