Air Tools with Bellco Rentals

Air Tools

Ever been working on a job and one of your tools gets broken or worst it gets lost.
Anybody that works with tools knows this is going to happen sooner or later.
During this time of annoyance remember Bellco Rentals. The place where you
can depend on renting all your equipment.
We supply you with rental equipment at the lowest prices in Central Texas. We have
many equipment categories to choose from providing you with all the heavy and light
equipment you may need. Below is a small selection of air tools you can rent out from
Bellco Rentals.

1/2″ Drill -15v
Angle Drill (cordless)
Drill (corded)
Drill (cordless)
Finish Nail Gun – 16 Gauge
Finish Nail Gun – 18 Gauge
Low Velocity Gun Multi
Laticrete Epoxy (cordless)
Framing Gun
Nailer All Purpose (coil)
Nailer Cleat – Exotics Bamboo (air)
Nailer Finish (air)
Nailer Finish (cordless)
Nailer Framing – 1 1/2″ – 3 1/4″ (air)
Nailer Framing (cordless)
Palm Nailer
Pneumatic Scraper / Stripper
Roofing Gun (coil)
Staple Gun (electric)

Check out our other equipment categories at
Give us a call 254-501-9000
Feel free to drop on by 111 N Gray Killeen, Texas 76541

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